Terminale – Obama’s Inaugural Address

61ez2zc7dyl-_sl175_The video is here :


and the worksheet is right there:

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address 2009



2nde – US school system – webquest


The link to the webpage you are going to work on is in the following document itself. Answer all the questions. You can either article-2284325-1848c672000005dc-923_634x424

  • print the document and fill it in
  • or just write your answers on your copybook.

US school system CE webquest

Lycée Ambroise Paré – 2nde / 1ère / term

Hi everybody!

I’m Mr Malégeant ( hence Mr M.), a new English teacher at your school.

If you need to

  • contact me
  • ask a question
  • send me files ( assignments / essays / preparations/ mp3s/links to your videos)

use this e-mail :      m.malegeant@gmail.com

This is a blog I have used for quite some time with my pupils in collège notably; I will keep it and use it with you so I can:

  • upload interesting documents ( videos / articles / links / pictures related to whichever theme/issue we will be working on)
  • post webquests / assignments / summaries
  • upload YOUR productions (maybe videos / mp3s / leaflets created with the projets or final tasks / articles or more globally any production that might useful to other students in the future)
  • IF you wish to use this platform to showcase something you do/create that might have a link with your curriculum, DO NOT HESITATE to come and tell me about your project (thinking of projects based on photos / video-making / some kind of magazine / whatever…)

But whatever you do, don’t forget 😉


4ème : prétérit simple VS prétérit BE+Ving

Hi dudes!

some interesting things to watch / do regarding the “prétérit simple VS prétérit BE+Ving ” new sequence.

Interactive exercise

Interactive exercise 2

Interactive exercise 3

Interactive exercises 4

some old-school grammar taught live by an old-school (but very efficient!) English teacher : CHECK THIS OUT!

I used this nice animation for a short / easy listening comprehsion with prétérit BE+Ving verbs.

YESTERDAY AT THE BEACH : a nice animation + RAGS TO RICHES game! >>> GO !