4eme – groupe 1: Health, food, frequency, tastes and more!

Hi everybody!

Révise les verbes de goûts!

Révise  la place des adverbes de fréquence!

Et maintenant choisis le bon adverbe de fréquence (very easy!)

Révise  le vocabulaire de la nourriture!

Avant de partir, tente le jeu “Make me sick” pour découvrir les dangers de mauvaises habitudes de santé.

Well done! Have a nice day!


Webquest NYC

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A few facts about New-York City …

1- Population of the USA :

2- Population of New York City :

3- Name of New York City’s 5 boroughs :

4- New York’s nickname and possible origins of this nickname :

5- List some of the famous New Yorkers you know :

Discovering the city …

6- I’m sure you know the famous New- York marathon. What famous bridge do the runners cross near the start?

7- Which boroughs does it link ?

8- Why is it called the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge ?

9-The marathon finishes in Central Park. Have a look at the sports you can practice and list 4 that you would like to try.

10- When you are in Brooklyn, you can see the symbol of the USA. What is it ?

11- Find the following information about this monument :

– title :

– location :

– sculptor :

– engineer :

– date when the construction started and place :

– date when it arrived in the USA :

– height from the base to the torch  :

12- What’s the name of the island situated not far from the Statue of Liberty ? What was it ? (give details)

A few famous buildings in Manhattan …

13- What is this building?

14- Give the name of this building. How many elevators are there ? ( see p.3)

15- Some famous films were shot there. What is it ? List the films you’ve seen or heard of :

And now a bit of sightseeing in Manhattan …

16- Are the streets and avenues in Manhattan parallel or perpendicular ?

17- Where can you go shopping ?

18- When & where is the famous parade ?

19- What is the Crossroad of the World ?

20- What happens there every New Year’s Eve ?

21- Give the name of this famous area.

Find the names of the famous places and monuments hidden under the blue numbered spots!