Webquest NYC

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A few facts about New-York City …

1- Population of the USA :

2- Population of New York City :

3- Name of New York City’s 5 boroughs :

4- New York’s nickname and possible origins of this nickname :

5- List some of the famous New Yorkers you know :

Discovering the city …

6- I’m sure you know the famous New- York marathon. What famous bridge do the runners cross near the start?

7- Which boroughs does it link ?

8- Why is it called the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge ?

9-The marathon finishes in Central Park. Have a look at the sports you can practice and list 4 that you would like to try.

10- When you are in Brooklyn, you can see the symbol of the USA. What is it ?

11- Find the following information about this monument :

– title :

– location :

– sculptor :

– engineer :

– date when the construction started and place :

– date when it arrived in the USA :

– height from the base to the torch  :

12- What’s the name of the island situated not far from the Statue of Liberty ? What was it ? (give details)

A few famous buildings in Manhattan …

13- What is this building?

14- Give the name of this building. How many elevators are there ? ( see p.3)

15- Some famous films were shot there. What is it ? List the films you’ve seen or heard of :

And now a bit of sightseeing in Manhattan …

16- Are the streets and avenues in Manhattan parallel or perpendicular ?

17- Where can you go shopping ?

18- When & where is the famous parade ?

19- What is the Crossroad of the World ?

20- What happens there every New Year’s Eve ?

21- Give the name of this famous area.

Find the names of the famous places and monuments hidden under the blue numbered spots!