Family and lots more!

Learn the English words you need to talk about your family : MATCHING EXERCISE

Then check out this FUNNY FAMILY!

And now, here is a cool activity to learn vocabulary about “Family” : THE FAMILY TREE

Do the exercises from the book once more to see if you still understand everything perfectly.

Révise les prépositions de lieu!

Révise les adjetifs possessifs!


Visit London!

Here is a nice promotional video for London.

Check out some breathtaking views of milestones of British history and get to know lots of interesting facts about this amazing city. Ready? Go!

Harry Potter webquest!

We worked on a Harry Potter webquest with pupils of 4eme4 just before the last holidays. It was a very nice laidback, relaxed activity to end the first unit.

I was really happy with the results, everybody got a really good mark!

If you want to know more about Harry Potter, the books and the films, you should check out the official website. There are plenty of activities and games there. Enjoy!

Betz – England – 2008 : Remember!

Last year, in May 2008, we organized a very nice trip to England with 4eme and a few 3eme pupils. There were 45 pupils and 4 teachers: Miss Renvoise, Mr Vidal, Mr Broissard and myself.

It was lots of fun for everybody. We visited Brighton (on the South Coast), then we spent a couple of days in London where we visited lots of places of interest. We all spent three nights in Bromley, which is a nice green city in the suburbs of South London, then we went back to France via Canterbury.

It was great to travel with bus driver Guy although we got lost on the way to London once…

I created a Flickr site for all the best pictures I took there.

You should visit the site and see if you recognize some of your friends from school or even your brother or sister!

A long video was also created and it was shown to some of the pupils. I will try to make it available for everybody and so i’ll post here right here for you to enjoy.

Good times!

Something tells me there might be a new trip to England this year. He he. 😉

Welcome to Mr Malegeant’s English blog!

Hi Everybody!

I created this blog so that we can create articles, show our photos, pictures or videos.

I will also give you cool links to work on your English online!

Isn’t this great?

So bookmark this website and visit regularly.

If you want to contribute to the blog, come and talk to me in Room 9, anytime!

I’ll speak to you soon!